Top Wedding Trends of 2019

As we hit mid year, the best wedding trends of 2019 have well and truly taken over the wedding scene. This year has proven to be all about style, class, and a modern touch. Old traditions are being reworked and weddings are taking their instagrammability to the next level with these gorgeous wedding trends of 2019.

Have a look at our picks for the top wedding trends

All About Acrylics

Weddings have gone in the direction of less being more, with the minimalist style taking over everything from dresses to flower arrangements. Acrylics are fast becoming the new way to present your seating charts, place cards, menus, table numbers, welcome signs and any other lettering you can think of. The sleek style means that they won’t be in the way of any of carefully chosen decor pieces, and the gorgeous lettering on the transparent background makes keepsakes that will last a lot longer than a paper menu. Have a look at this stylish wishing well and  seating chart for a glimpse of your 2019 wedding.

A Splash of Colour

Gone are the days of nothing but white, it’s now a growing trend to add a splash of colour to your wedding dress. We love the idea of steering away from ivory to embrace something a little more lively. Wedding dresses always used to be red anyway before fashionista Queen Victoria set the white trend, and we think it’s about time that tradition gets a shake up once again.


bride @livpurvis gown @naeemkhanbride 


Go Bright or Go Home

Neon signs have taken off in 2019. Before you cringe at the idea of a flashing ‘You Complete Me’ sign in fluro block letters, think again. The neon we are excited about is much more subtle and, quite frankly, gorgeous. We’re talking flowing cursive signs that let off a gentle glow to light your dance floor or supply some sexy mood lighting for killer insta pics. You can customise the colour to fit in with your chosen scheme, making it the perfect showstopper decor moment of your wedding. Have a look at this vibrant ‘Always’ sign for some 2019 wedding inspiration.

Take the Cake

While dessert bars are still a popular option for those wanting to indulge their guest’s sweet tooth, the latest trend that has hit the scene is all about cake. It has taken us a hot minute to realise it, but the wedding scene is slowly accepting that a gigantic tiered cake is not the most practical dessert in the world. Thus this new trend of a cake station has arisen. This 2019 wedding trend consists of multiple cakes in all different types and flavours so that guests can choose their preferred slice and those with allergies don’t have to go without. Plus, a whole lineup of beautifully decorated cakes is just as instagrammable as a tiered behemoth in our opinion.

Lee & Chloe wedding at @hendrikscafe
cake @missladybirdcakes photo @pierrecurry_

Glam Flowers

Floral arrangements have gone full glam for 2019 and we’re loving the look. This style is super easy to pull off, just go with all white floral arrangements in metal vases. We love the look of a showstopper flower like white roses or hydrangeas complimented by some light and airy baby’s breath or lily of the valley. Bring them together in this glam Gold Textured Floral Vase or these Copper Cardamon Vases to complete the look.


While many wedding trends of 2019 have been something new, the jewelry trends for modern brides has got the something old covered. Pearls are back in a big way. The subtle and sophisticated look paired with a sleek modern wedding dress may be our fave fashion trend 2019 has delivered yet. Don’t have any family heirlooms to clutch? Check out our gorgeous pearl earrings

If you’re planning your 2019 wedding, consider these trends to get the look of the year. If you want some more 2019 wedding inspiration, check out the latest wedding vibes here.