Why You a Need Rose Gold Theme at Your Wedding

Why You a Need Rose Gold Theme at Your Wedding

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Metallic wedding themes are a gorgeous trend that is so easy to pull off. The gold glam look has been in style for decades and can be achieved with just a few carefully placed accent pieces. For those who don’t want to go full glam but love the elegant look, a softer metal such as rose gold will give you the subtle glam vibes you’re looking for. 

A rose gold wedding theme is perfect if you love the vintage style of soft, blush tones combined with the striking glamour of metallics. All you need to pull it off is a few statement pieces.


Rose Gold Accents for an Elegant Glam Wedding

Be Wished Well in Style | Rose Gold & Glass Wishing Well

Whoever came up with the wishing well is a genius. It’s such a simple and elegant way to take the burden of buying a gift away from your guests and gives you the option of choosing your own gifts instead of ending up with multiple bread makers. Make your wishing well stylish and inviting with this vintage Rose Gold & Glass Wishing Well. You can also personalise it with a Custom Sign, turning it into a beautiful, bespoke keepsake.

A Glam First Impression | Rose Gold Welcome Sign

To set the theme of any wedding, it’s important to make it clear to your guests as soon as they arrive. The best way to do this is with a welcome sign. Our Luxe Quote Welcome Sign in Rose Gold is the perfect statement piece to set by the door, welcoming in your guests, introducing them to your theme, and adding a touch of your personality through your chosen quote.

Say Thanks the Luxe Way | Rose Gold Gifts and Favours

Being a part of a wedding is a big commitment. Saying thank you to your wedding party is always appreciated, and if you do it on-theme your closest friends and family will be left with a charming reminder of the experience. The perfect gift to say thank you is this Luxe Rose Gold Scented Candle, complete with a personalised label to display your gratitude, plus it fits in perfectly with a your rose gold wedding theme.

Add Flair to the Necessities | Rose Gold Place Cards and Holders

Finally, we have reached the necessities. Place cards, menus, table markers, and all the little details that are necessary at a wedding but are too often just typed up on a white card and set on the table. Add some flair to your practical wedding elements with these gorgeous Rose Gold Acrylic Place Cards and set your Rose Gold Acrylic Table Numbers in their own throne with these luxe Rose Gold Dipped Card Holders. These little touches are what will bring your rose gold wedding theme together and complete the whole look.


A rose gold theme will give your wedding the perfect marriage of elegance and glamour. A few carefully placed pieces will make your wedding the classy event you’ve always dreamed of. 

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