25 (often over-looked) Wedding Planning Tasks You Can’t Afford to Forget

25 (often over-looked) Wedding Planning Tasks You Can’t Afford to Forget

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25 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can’t Afford to Forget


White dress? Check. Venue? Check. Food and drinks? Double check. Although it can feel like you have all your bases covered once the gown is selected and ballroom decorated, there are many sneaky to-dos that can pop up before the big day. Make sure your wedding planning is as smooth and stress-free as possible by completing these 25 tasks before you reach the altar.


1. Check the Law, Then Check it Once More

The required legal documents can vary from state to state, so contact the registry office in the state you plan to get married in far enough in advance to ensure you have crossed your Ts and dotted your Is. Gather any legal documents you need and take note of how early you can sign off for your wedding license.


2. Plan Your Plan B

Heed the warning from Alanis Morisette, and be prepared should it rain on your wedding day. Whether it’s poor weather, a faulty sound system, or a missing knife to cut the cake, have a back-up plan in place. To divvy up the work, assign simple tasks to responsible friends and family members to ensure all the pieces come together seamlessly.


3. Choose a Point Person

With so many moving parts for one event, it’s important for the bride to focus on herself the day of rather than spending her energy responding to every query that arises. Provide a designated person a cheat sheet of all the major details of the wedding to answer questions from caterers, band members, and guests. 


4. Assign a Gift Caretaker

Once the lights turn back on and it’s time to bid adieu to guests, the last thing the happy couple needs to do is to lug the abundance of boxes and bags to their room. Choose a trusted friend or family member to take responsibility for the gifts and hang onto them for safe-keeping. 


5. Make the Timeline Common Knowledge

As bridal parties get larger, and photographers and videographers become the norm, keep everyone in the loop with a printed schedule of what time all preparations are happening. Assign the bridal party specific times for hair and make-up, and always leave a little wiggle room for the unforeseen traffic accident or coffee spill mishap.


6. Picture Perfect

Before the big day, send your photographer and videographer ideas of pictures and footage you’d like ahead of time so you’re not scrambling for the shot the day of. Share the photographer’s schedule with all pertinent wedding attendees so great-grandma isn’t missing from that key photo.


7. Create Your Day-Of Schedule

Now’s the time to be as specific as possible, like, every 15 minutes specific. Whip out your Excel knowledge and break down the day of what needs to be done at what time. Include who needs to be where and when, and who is paying whom and how. Build in a break or two for you to take a breath.


8. Plan B, in Full

Although we want to imagine our special day at 25 degrees and a slight breeze from the east, that doesn’t always come true. Find a way to make sure weather doesn’t completely ruin your event. Is humidity high? Seek out large fans that can be used discreetly to keep guests cool. Are the mosquitos on the prowl? Personalized bottles of bug spray can add a sweet, and effective, touch.


9. Roll Call

The “RSVP by” date isn’t just for giggles. It’s not out of line to touch base with guests who haven’t responded and expect a set answer. Not only does this make a seating chart easier, it’ll also save you from spending money on dinner plates for guests who don’t attend.


10. Shine Bright Like A Diamond 

Getting the rings is one thing, making sure they shine is another! Applying lotion, washing hands, and simple daily wear can make any piece of jewellery less than stellar. Get your rock professionally cleaned a week in advance so the back row can see that sparkle.


11. Pay Up

While it’s easiest to make all payments ahead of time, that’s not always possible. Set aside the appropriate amount needed for any remaining vendor costs so you’re not crunching numbers under the disco lights. 


12. Sealed with a Kiss

While there’s a lot of business planning needed prior to the big day, don’t lose sight of the magic and love to be shared. Write out a sweet note to be delivered to your significant other the morning of your ceremony. Shift your attention away from colour schemes and hors d'oeuvres, and back to the reasons you’re here in the first place.


13. Tip of the Iceberg

While it may seem obvious to thank the big players of the wedding, take notice of those in the kitchen, behind the bar, or simply holding the doors open for guests. A small gesture goes a long way for those working to make your day as special as possible.


14. Emergency Kit

Assign your most responsible friend to keep an emergency kit on hand for unexpected mishaps. Extra face powder, a needle and white thread, stain remover, tissues, and band aids are just a few of the things that are always nice to have on hand so your fancy ride isn’t making an emergency CVS stop.


15. Nail Game

Nothing flatters new bling quite like a fresh manicure and pedicure. Book an appointment a few days before the wedding to keep your nails as fresh as possible. Be sure to buy a bottle of the nail color used to fix up any nicks before the big day.


16. Fits like a Glove

Although another fitting might seem unnecessary, ensuring the dress is a perfect fit a week or so out from the big day is key to feeling comfortable and confident.


17. Grubhub for Dresses, anyone?

Plan ahead how you want to transport the formalwear to your venue. Keep in mind, shoving a ball gown into the back of a Prius is certainly not going to help anyone. Consider swapping cars with someone who has more space, or ask the bridal shop to package the dress accordingly.


18. Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Well, maybe not a mile. While your 5 inch heels may sound perfect in theory, make sure you take your wedding shoes for a spin prior to the big day. Nobody is going to be talking about how cute your shoes are if you’re walking with a limp from an unforeseen blister.


19. Haircuts for Everyone

While the bride may have found a hairstylist months out, make sure the groom books an appointment a week out, enough time for some growth to come back should it end up looking a little too much like school picture day.


20. KC and Jojo anyone?

While you’re sure to send a list of songs you love to your DJ or band, make sure you also include a list of songs to not play. Nothing kills a mood quite like a surprising rendition of the Cotton Eyed Joe. 


21. Fashionably Late

There’s no such thing as fashionably late to your wedding. If you’re not driving yourself, make sure you, and everyone else, has the contact information for your driver so no one is left behind. Consider having a back-up car available in case your limo gets a flat tire or your horse-drawn carriage is being stubborn.


22. H2O

While it’s a no brainer for the bride to stay hydrated, it’s important to keep extra glasses of water around to hold the bouquets until they’re ready to be used. Make sure you have paper towels close by to dry off the flowers before their walk down the aisle. Water spots on bridesmaids dresses are hard to hide!


23. Gift Bags

If guests are flying in from out of town, consider assembling gift bags to leave at their hotels for when they check in. A small bag filled with snacks, waters, Panadol, and a list of close attractions is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their journey.


24. Final Fittings

The dress fitting is key, along with all the accessories. Consider setting up a final fitting for everyone in the bridal party, from undergarments to jewellery selections, so there’s no surprises if your sister shows up with butterfly clips in her hair the day of.


25. Cue the Ending

The least exciting part of planning a wedding is deciding how to end it. To make sure guests don’t feel shooed out at the end, choose a key song to clue guests into the night winding down (Closing Time is always a winner). Even better, make an after party location known on your wedding website so you can keep the fun going, without an overtime charge on your credit card.


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